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    During my time with the Columbia Missourian, KOMU-TV and KBIA Sports Extra, I've created numerous infographics for print and online. Below are a few of my favorites, beginning with the most recent. You can view a comprehensive list of all of my infographics work here.

    I also manage a sports-themed infographics blog in my spare time, and contribute to the renowned baseball blog Beyond the Box Score as well. Feel free to check out my work for both of those sites by following the links.



    Click on each thumbnail to view the full graphic. 


    INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC: How we've grown: The expansion of Columbia's boundaries

    Since its founding in 1818, Columbia's boundaries have expanded exponentially. The city's lines are redrawn each time a piece of property is annexed, which creates an ever-expanding puzzle of shifting boundaries. This interactive graphic allows the user to move a slider and watch the boundaries grow over time.





    New BBCOR bats drain power from college baseball

    The NCAA made changes to its baseball bat regulations this season (see the graphic below for more info), and midway through the season power numbers were down considerably. This infographic takes a look at this "power outage" on a national scale






    Mizzou and the NCAA's new baseball bat regulations

    The NCAA eliminated the BESR rating for baseball bats and switched to a new method of safety testing known as BBCOR. This graphic takes a look at the differences in the bats and illustrates just how the new testing process works. 








    This interactive graphic illustrates Bill Connelly's measures of success for quarterbacks, running backs and defensive players. The players on top are sized according to Connelly's statistics, and the players on the bottom are sized according to traditional football statistics.






    INTERACTIVE MAP: Boone County election results

    This interactive map illustrates how Columbia and Boone County voted in the election of Presiding Commissioner, U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, State Representative (Districts 21, 23 and 24), State Auditor, and several county-wide and state-wide amendments and propositions.  






    DIAGRAM: How to get your sign on 'College Gameday'

    On Oct. 23, 2010 ESPN's popular live television show 'College GameDay' broadcast live from the University of Missouri's historic David R. Francis Quadrangle. Fans were curious about the best way to get their signs seen on TV, so I created this graphic in an attempt to provide a (humorous) guide to making a sign that would get noticed. 




    INTERACTIVE MAP: California explosion sparks questions in Missouri

    After a gas line explosion in California, officials in Missouri began to wonder about the safety of gas lines throughout the state. This map indicates the location of every major gas pipeline incident in Missouri between 2000 to 2009. Click on a point for information on the date, company, cost, injuries and fatalities related to that specific incident. 





    DIAGRAM: The process of chip-sealing damaged pavement

    The Boone County Public Works Department plans to repair 43 miles of damaged pavement in the Columbia area using a process known as chip-sealing.






    DIAGRAM: MU Student Center desk finds its way home

    The $60,600 desk will contain materials from the old Brady Commons, such as pool cues, as well as new materials, such as board games. The desk is funded by Student and Auxiliary Services, not by student fees. Student and Auxiliary Services estimates that 15,000 students will use the new Student Center on a daily basis.





    MAP: New MU student tailgating location

    A new tailgating area known as “The Jungle” will be in the parking lot formerly known as CG-17, Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce announced Tuesday. Only members of student organizations will be able to reserve spaces in the lot.